Infrared thermography should be thought of as an investment in your commercial building. When the building was built, insulation with a higher R-Value was chosen in spite of higher cost, because it would save money over the life of the building. An infrared survey helps ensure that insulation remains a good investment by making sure there’s no water seeping through and lowering the R-Value.

Likewise, you probably selected the best contractor in order to minimize obvious issues like leaks and less obvious issues like mold. An infrared survey can easily identify leaks and danger spots for mold. Water is everywhere, but it’s important to keep it out of your walls and on the right side of your roof.

We specialize in building envelopes and commercial flat roof surveys.


Every potential problem with your building is cheaper to fix before it occurs. By identifying potential trouble spots before they become real problems, you can keep costs down and increase the life of your roof.

If your roof is in great shape already, you can optimize your maintenance schedule so that you’re not overspending while also keeping an eye on new developments.

The profitability of your commercial building as an investment is directly related to how long the building lasts and how much you have to spend on maintenance. Infrared inspections are an excellent way to detect leaks, increase building longevity, and reduce maintenance related capital outlays.


Many common problems are very difficult to identify with the naked eye, and once they become visible to the naked eye, the damage has already occurred.

When water is involved, damage can occur in a flash, especially where temperature drops below freezing. Detecting water leaks quickly is very important. Regularly scheduled infrared survey allow you to catch these issues before they get expensive.

Thermography ensures that water stays where it belongs and saves you money in the process.


Energy is expensive. Maintenance is expensive. The profitability of a business often hinges on keeping the biggest assets of the business in good working order.

Infrared inspections can help you optimize energy efficiency by identifying places where heat may be leaking in or out through wet insulation.

Stopping leaks before they turn into problems keeps you from paying a contractor to tear out huge sections of insulation and disrupting work for the whole building.

The cost of mold removal and mold remediation is directly related to how much mold there is, which means the sooner and more regularly inspections occur, the less likely you are to have to incur mold related expenses.


Purchasing a home is a major decision and it’s important to gather as much information as possible before taking the leap. A pre-purchase infrared survey can go a long way toward creating peace of mind, especially in the Pacific Northwest where water can get into hard-to-find places and cause problems way down the line.

Energy efficiency is another great reason to invest in a thermal scan. Over the life of your home, you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars on heating and cooling your home and infrared survey ensures that your dollars aren’t leaking out through the walls or windows.

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