Inspections are generally used to avoid big hidden liabilities. A home or commercial building is inspected before purchase to ensure that there are no hidden issues that will surprise the new owner months or years down the road.

Thermography can serve this purpose, but it can also serve as an excellent investment in the future.

Every year business owners spend a substantial portion of revenue on maintenance and repairs. Most of these repairs are done on a visual inspection basis. If something looks broken, it gets fixed. If something stops working, it gets fixed.

The issue with this is that oftentimes, waiting for something to break means that it is substantially more expensive to repair. It’s frequently much less expensive to shore up weaknesses rather than replace whole broken things. Detecting issues early with thermography can save money on both maintenance and repairs in excess of the cost of the thermography itself.

In addition, where electrical systems and machinery are concerned, broken components can set off cascading breakages or cause bottlenecks that take whole businesses offline while the appropriate professionals are called and repairs are made. Thermography can often even be done without down time, and if repairs are needed, they can be scheduled to occur during downtime so that you’re not paying idle employees as you would if a machine broke in the middle of the workday.

It’s easy to imagine how thermography can pay for itself in the right circumstances. Contact us so we can talk about how thermography could be an investment for you and your business.