An infrared commercial roof inspection is one of the best ways to save maintenance dollars for your company. Oftentimes, water damage that is visible on the inside of a building can’t be traced to a visible leak on the outside. Leaks can also be detected by infrared long before they become visible on the inside.

When moisture leaks through the outer surface of the roof and gets absorbed by the insulation, it changes the ability of the insulation to retain heat. Our infrared equipment is then able to detect the heat differences between the moisture-laden parts of the roof and the rest of the roof.

Other than a visual inspection or an infrared inspection, the only way to detect intruding moisture is to start taking things apart, which as you surely know, gets very expensive very quickly!

The number of problems you can detect via a visual inspection is fairly limited though, so the best way by far to minimize that amount of destruction to your roof if infrared inspection.

In addition to saving money on detection and repairs themselves, infrared thermography allows you perform maintenance in a much more targeted way so that you’re not spending maintenance dollars to repair areas that don’t really need repairs at the expense of those areas that do.